Routine Examinations

If you are a member of our Practice Plan scheme, you can recieve two comprehensive examinations/consultations per year, two routine scaling and polishing appointments per year, plus any number of necessary X- rays, included with your membership. 

New Patients


At an initial examination we will discuss any problems and concerns you have around your mouth, and do a full check on your teeth, gums and existing fillings/crowns etc, check your soft tissues, cheeks, tongue etc. and take X ray views as required, to assess things. We will chart your teeth and gums, so we can monitor your mouth in future.

Dentures, crowns and veneers

We are able to provide various types of treatment in these areas, using regulated dental laboratories that we have worked with for many years.

Teeth Whitening

We carry out tooth whitening using custom made application trays and the Boutique Whitening System gels

Dental Hygiene 


As part of your routine or initial consultation, we will assess and monitor your teeth and gums and advise about any treatment required. 

Routine cleaning and polishing is carried out as part of your regular visits, either by your dentist, or our dental hygienist, who attends regularly and is an experienced and well regarded member of our team.

 In some cases, more frequent visits may be required to help manage certain conditions, and we will advise about these.

We stock a variety of oral hygiene products at the practice. 

Emergency Dentistry 

As a member benefit, included with your membership of Practice Plan (and Denplan) is world wide dental emergencies cover, and accidental damage cover, which can cover remedial work, including crowns and bridges. 

Practice Plan (And Denplan) patients also have access to our out of hours emergency contact number, allowing the chance to talk to one of us, and not just an answering service.