We care for our patients oral well-being in a friendly, relaxed environment. We always ensure that our patients have sufficient information properly to look after, and make informed decisions about, their own oral health.

We both have more than 33 years of postgraduate experience, and are highly capable of helping nervous patients to relax! 

Information for new patients:

We welcome new patients to our busy practice. On your first visit we will discuss your oral health needs and aspirations, complete any necessary X-rays and explore any treatment options. We are open about our costs and provide you with full details of all of our pay as you go or membership plans.  We have excellent contacts with many local specialists and should you need a referral this will be promptly provided.

Dental Hygienist:  

Our dental hygienist is a highly regarded team member, who attends upon a weekly basis. Find out more about our practice dental hygienist here. 

Emergency dental care:

A daily collection system for laboratory based items such as dentures ensures we can have work such as ‘urgent’ denture repairs done by the next day during the working week.

Cosmetic dentistry:

We offer a great variety of modern cosmetic techniques, including tooth bleaching utilising the Boutique system. We also offer veneers, white fillings and white crowns for both front and back teeth, and dentures made using high-impact acrylic resins and SR-vivodent teeth, which look extremely natural.

Under 18 dentistry: 

Walker and Morris is a family-orientated practice, and we are pleased to encourage our Practice Plan members to bring their children for examinations and preventive treatment. We screen all child patients for orthodontic problems, and refer promptly if needed.

NHS patients:

Unfortunately we do not treat adult NHS patients. We chose to leave the NHS in April 2006, after more than 40 years of combined service. However, we are firmly committed to the provision of high quality treatment, and work to achieve the best outcome for our patients’ oral health needs.



Most of our adult patients have chosen to join our Practice Plan scheme. 

This allows monthly or if you prefer, annual budgeting for regular dental visits.

Join our Practice Plan:

Most of our adult patients have chosen to join our Practice Plan scheme which is highly affordable (£13.97 per month from January 2019) ensuring you always have access to our services, and priority should you need to see one of us urgently. 

Consultations are free for Practice Plan registered patients. Practice Plan registered patients also have access to an out-of-hours emergency contact number

Practice Plan membership includes:

  • Two comprehensive clinical examinations/consultations per year;

  • Two routine scaling and polishing appointments per year;

  • All necessary X-rays are included for free

  • 10% discount on treatment fees including fillings, crowns and bridges; 

  • 10% discount on a wide range of oral health products in stock;

  • Practice Plan cover with worldwide dental emergency cover, and accidental damage cover – covering remedial work including crowns and bridges.



 For more information visit: www.practiceplanpatients.co.uk