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It is with a heavy heart that the decision to close Walker & Morris dental practice and arrange for alternative care for our patients was made.

It was probably no surprise to our longstanding patients that we had been making plans to retire in the near future. However we have decided that due to the Coronavirus pandemic that it was time to accelerate our plans.

We have been working hard to make the right arrangements for our patients and are delighted to announce that our patients will be moving to Alma dental with immediate effect. You will be pleased to know that our staff will all be joining you at the new practice.

If you are having a dental problem please call 0191 257 4338 or email


There is no need for you do anything at this time and letters are in the post confirming the arrangements.

All that is left to say is good bye, good health and thank you for so many happy memories

Dr Peter Walker and Dr Stephen Morris

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